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Four writers will be selected to live and work for three months each in Dawson City, Yukon, in the childhood home of noted Canadian author Pierre Berton. Residents will receive a $6,000 honorarium, part of which may be covered by the Canada Council for the Arts’ Research and Creation grant program. (Successful Berton House applicants are required to apply to the Research and Creation program before receiving an honorarium from the Writers’ Trust.) Housing and travel costs are covered by the Writers’ Trust. 

Residents are required to perform a public reading at the Whitehorse Public Library and the Dawson City Community Library. As well, they are encouraged to engage further with the local community by holding writing workshops in the community, interacting with the public and local literary communities, participating in local events and festivals, and availing themselves and their work to local and national media.

Visit writerstrust.com/bertonhouse for further details.

To be eligible candidates must:

  • Be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident.
  • Have published at least one book with a professional publishing house and established themselves in any literary creative discipline (fiction, nonfiction, poetry, young readers, playwriting). Self-published writers or writers working in other genres are not eligible at this time.


All applicants will be notified of the results in February 2019.

How are applications assessed?

Applications will be judged by two previous writers-in-residence and a Dawson City community member. In their assessment they will place heavy emphasis on a candidate’s expression of interest in Berton House.

We want to know why this program is the right match for you at this time (as opposed to any other residency program).

Please note that applicants need not be working on projects related to the Canadian North to be Berton House writers-in-residence. 

Special access and medical requirements? 

We encourage all eligible writers to apply. Special access requirements will not affect a writer’s application or chance of being selected, though we acknowledge a writer’s ability to accept a residency offer may be affected if their needs can’t be met. 

Please contact the program director at any stage of the application process to discuss any specific mobility concerns, sensory impairments, medical requirements, or other issues you may have that affect your decision to apply to the program. The Writers’ Trust aims to accommodate all writers and mitigate access barriers whenever possible. Reaching out helps us understand and assess existing barriers so that we may work to improve access in the future.  

Some things to note:

  • The Berton House is a century-old home in a remote community. It may not provide the accessibility standards or services potential applicants may be accustomed to in their own communities. The house itself is a bungalow located on the southern edge of town. It is roughly 800 sq ft. The front entrance porch is accessed by six steps. Built a century ago, the house was restored in the 1990s. It is cozy and comfortably accommodates one or two people, but it is not large or spacious. 
  • Though many buildings in Dawson City meet accessibility requirements, the community as a whole is not entirely accessible. The city is serviced by dirt roads and features sidewalks made of wood planks. These sidewalks are raised off the ground and not serviced by curb ramps. It is challenging to get a wheelchair from the dirt road up onto the sidewalk. Sidewalks are shoveled during winter months, but the roads are not. None of the community’s National Historic Sites are accessible to wheelchairs.
  • Dawson City’s hospital provides 24/7 emergency care. The medical clinic is housed in the same building and offers walk-in and scheduled appointments and has a retail pharmacy. Occupational or physical therapy is not a service typically provided in Dawson and may not be available. 
  • Dawson City is serviced by Air North airlines and they provide as needed carry on/off service for persons with disabilities. 
  • While Berton House has a no-pet policy we make exceptions for service animals.

For more information, please visit writerstrust.com/bertonhouse or contact:
James Davies, Program Director

1-877-906-6548 / 416-504-8222 x245